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Dedicated to those who dare to live, LIVE, and L-I-V-E!



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If you have little time or ability to distribute your circulars/flyers, we can do it for you, cheaply. We have one of the best buyers and opportunity seeker names in mail order.

This program ("CAP A") is open only to Sub-Dealers, Dealers and Distributors. We distribute the circulars, including the ideal mailing packet of circulars #22-23, #10-11, and #12-13. All ‘hot' circulars in our sales program are also included in regular follow-up mailings to prospects.

Here is how it works. You send us RM50 for one position in CAP A. We distribute the circulars to thousands of prospects. When they order, we credit the sale and pay the commissions to you and all those who are in CAP A - in sequential chronological order. This is on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Not only that, your customers will remain your customers since their A/c Nos. will be linked to your A/c No. by our computer. Thus, all repeat orders will go to you. It is such REPEAT orders and back-end sales that will make you the most money in the long-term.

The first member who joins CAP A is in position one; the second member who joins will get position two, and so on. Every sale made by us will earn you the commission according to the "Commissions Schedule" which lists out in detail all the rates of commissions for all items.

Each position is for one year. To renew it, send RM50 before the expiry date. You can purchase as many positions as you like. You can purchase one now, and another one next month, or later. Better still, you can order straightaway for 12 positions by sending RM600.

The more positions you hold, the more sales and commissions you will receive. If we have 110 sales and there are 100 positions in CAP A, then sales #1 to #100 will be given to the people in positions #1 to #100, one each. Then, sales #101 to #110 will be given to those in positions #1 to #10. Then, the next sale (#111) will be given to the person in position #11, and so forth. Every position is guaranteed a sale. If you hold positions #10 through #20, then every 10th to 20th sale will go to you. If you are in position #40, every 40th sale will go to you. Also, remember that the REPEAT sales and orders go to you, too!

One thing that we cannot guarantee is the size of each order. We mail many types of circulars. The first order may be worth RM10, the second, RM37, the third, RM100, the fourth, RM15, and so on. We will credit each and every sale, big or small, to the member in line to receive it.

CAP A is an effective way to have sales. It will cost you much more to mail the circulars yourself. If your name list is a poor quality one, you can mail them to thousands of people and still get no sales! Some firms will even charge you 10 to 20 times more! We have an excellent name list.

To secure the best position in CAP A, send RM50 (US$15) for each position. 3 positions cost RM150; 10 positions cost RM500. Write "CAP A" in your Order Form. Order now. #CAP-A


To order for CAP A, click on the button below:



A report showing you exactly how it works, and how you can make it work for you! 

Money problems? Love problems? Health problems? Worried, anxious or fearful of anyone or anything? All problems can be solved. Click here to go there.



#3606 ................................................................................... RM7.60 (US$2)

"Millions and millions of people have tried to solve their problems without success through marriage, employment and membership in religious, political, military, social, business and other organizations. There are very few happily married couples around; very few satisfied employees, and, very few happy members of any organization."


- Van Gogh




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