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Here's a valuable guide to winning the lottery. "The book that pays for itself". This book can help you significantly in your efforts to choose the winning lottery numbers in Lotto/Toto. There's a wealth of winning suggestions and ideas to give you the 'winning edge', that something extra to tip the lottery scales in your favor, to change your luck to a winning success. By Stephen Korode. 


Introduction vii
1. The Matter of Luck 1
2. The Human Factor 3
3. Odds and Endless 6
4. Reducing the Odds 9
5. Numerical Range Without Promise 11
6. Numerical Range With Promise 18
7. The Range Change 22
8. Your Choice 25
9. A Bit of Excitement 37
10. Variations Among the States 40
11. Consecutive Numbers 42
12. Consecutive Alternate Numbers 47
13. Repeating Numbers 50
14. Alternate Repeating Numbers 56
15. Hot Numbers 61
16. The Prize 66
17. Those Awesome Numbers 75
Conclusion 105

"Damn it!" "Lost again!" "Hell, I'll never win!" "It's hopeless!" Sound familiar? Yes, the odds against picking the winning lotto numbers are awesome - about 1: 7,059,052 (Ohio) or 1:12,271,512 (New York). Ah, but it need not be so bleak!

Many people depend solely on "luck" to win the lotto jackpot. When determining their selections, they use a variety of techniques, such as birthdays, dreams, "wild" guesses, and others. Unfortunately, "luck" too often proves to be "luckless."

Many people realize that there are no "guaranteed" methods of selecting the winning lotto combinations. However, this handy book can help you significantly in your efforts to choose the winning lottery numbers. It can provide you with a wealth of winning suggestions and ideas that will give you that "winning edge" so desperately needed, but so noticeably absent.

How many times have you "hit" three numbers for a "close" prize, or four numbers for a "peanut" third prize, or five numbers for a "near-jackpot" second prize? It looks to me as if you need some help to carry you forward to richer things. Well, this book is for you. It can furnish you with that "something extra," those one or two numbers so dearly needed to put you over the hump. Our tips might just tip those lotto scales in your favor.

If you are experiencing limited success, keep what is working for you, whatever it might be. If you are far from winning, discard whatever fails you and completely start anew. Then, turn to this book for those essential suggestions and ideas that will win you a lotto prize. Can you afford not to?

The Matter of Luck

Do you feel "lucky" today? Well, don't push your luck, for it may not take you very far. Ninety-nine percent of the time, luck will not achieve your desired ends by itself.

The fact is that in all aspects of life, people need, and many times experience, a little luck. Football players, beauty contestants, fishermen, and lotto players, all often show a touch of luck. In order to win the "big one," be it the superbowl, lotto jackpot, or whatever, one needs a bit of luck.
The truth is, however, that to win these games frequently takes "more" than just luck. That "more" could be skill, knowledge, experience, insight, and so forth. In the lotto game, the player will probably be luckier if he/she is a knowledgeable person with insight and experience.

Remember that this book's sole concern is the lotto games. It is not concerned with the instant lottery games. These games are strictly a matter of luck because you have no control over your potential winner.

The automatic selection of lotto numbers by state computers is also a matter of luck. Again, you have no control over the ultimate results.

The exception to this uncontrolled process is the use of the home computer. Here you can program your computer to select numbers from a certain numerical range (1-25) instead of the full range (1-40). Or, you can accept, alter, or reject some or all of its choices.

Finally, it's not so much the matter of luck, as what's the matter with luck. By itself, luck is good, but often not good enough. So mix a little insight and knowledge with it, and you'll see better results!

The Human Factor

As homo sapiens (thinking man), we are plagued naturally by the human barrier of "thought," which often hinders our successful efforts in the lotto game. For example, do you "think" that all six winning lotto numbers would appear in the 30-40 range? Do you "think" that five consecutive winning numbers would occur? Do you "think" that two sets of triple consecutive numbers would be drawn as winning numbers? Do you "think" that the same number would be one of the six winning numbers for five consecutive drawings? Do you "think" that consecutive numbers (21-22, etc.) would appear in fifty-nine percent of the numbers drawn? You might have initially thought that the correct answer to each of the above questions was "no;" but, by now you realize that the correct answer for all the above questions was "yes." However, our human thought process frequently fails to realize that unique and seemingly strange number combinations do occur. If we fail to understand these facts, then we will not play many of the numerical combinations necessary for winning.

The lotto game sometimes defies our human ways. Yet the player can, and must, overcome these human barriers by increasing his knowledge relative to the intra-workings of this game. One should know what numbers are drawn.. . how often. . . in what order.. . and so forth? In short, one must "think lotto."

About The Author

"I was born in Detroit, Michigan; but was reared in poor, rural Ohio among a hard-working family of eight. Graduated from the University of Steubenville with a bachelor's degree and-from Kent State University with a master's degree. Completed post-graduate work at the University of Dayton and Ohio State University. Spent nineteen years as a teacher in the Ohio Public School System. Was also a part-time professor at the University of Steubenville.

"My interest in the lottery stems from my experience among the rank-and-file lotto players and my personal research on this subject. After hearing many players express daily their frustrations and hopelessness while playing the lottery game, I saw the serious need for a useful book to help guide the lotto player in his (her) quest for the jackpot of green. After extensive research, I realized that there was much the lottery player didn't know about the game, but should, that would enable him to play the lotto game with greater success. It is hoped that this handy book will relieve much of the agony of losing, and bring the joys of winning to many lottery players."

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Lot 20 Batu 20 Jalan Ipoh

48000 Rawang, Selangor


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"Money-minded people have little love, friendship, respect, trust, bliss, kindness, contentment, happiness, and, peace of mind, in their lives. Indeed, if you are rich, you might lose them since your money necessarily takes priority over everything else."


- Van Gogh





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