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Health, Massage, Alternative Books



By Van Gogh. How to achieve and maintain good health the simple, natural, direct and effective way. Shows you in easy language how to use the techniques of basic massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Self-Healing for good health.

Covers the orthodox as well as the unorthodox. Use the techniques to relieve your pains, aches, stress, tension, strain or chronic ailments. Suggested massage treatment for over one hundred disorders provided.

A Copyright License giving you the legal right to reprint and sell this fine book in your country is available for an additional US$12,000.00. 

A Translation License is also available at US$12,000.00. Write in for details.

Discover your body’s self healing powers today. Enjoy good health and a vibrant life.



The benefits of massage are well documented. Massage can cure or relieve minor ailments, pain, stress, tension and strain. Many practitioners claim relief for chronic and serious ailments. Everyone should know at least same massage techniques so as to promote the good health and harmony of his or her family and to help others. This book shows you various massage techniques you can apply yourself or to others. For a vibrant healthy and meaningful life. Discover your body's amazing self-healing power now.




2. MASSAGE AND GOOD HEALTH ... What ia massage?... Purpose... Self-massage... What is good health?... Modern versus natural therapy... The body is self-healing... Your birthright... Caution...

3. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS... Hands... Feet... Position... Lubricants... Objective... Affirmation... Pressure... Rhythm... Feelings... Muscles... Breathing... Time... Other considerations... 

4. ACUPUNCTURE... History... Acupuncture points and meridians... How or why it works... Pulse Diagnosis... Technique... Finger pressure... Cycles of vital energy flow... Major acupoints on the body... 

5. REFLEXOLOGY... What is Reflexology?... The theory... Stress... Uses... Does it work?... Your feet and nature... Why it works... Reflexology and Acupuncture... Zone theory... Lateral zones... Other reflex points... Techniques... Thumb walking technique... Leverage... Finger walking technique... Holding position... Pain... Pressure... Thumb or instrument... When not to massage... Foot reflexology session... Lubricants... Evaluation... Daily routine... Table of disorders... Reflex areas of the feet... Hand reflexology... Reflex points of the hand...

6. SHIATSU... What is Shiatsu... Pressure... Technique... Diseases...
Basic Shiatsu points on the body... Table of disorders and treatments... Basic Shiatsu points on the head... Basic Shiatsu points on the body (front).. Basic Shiatsu points on the body (back).. Basic Shiatsu points on the legs...

7. VISUALIZATION... Colors... Objects... 3-D Visualization...

8. HEALING MASSAGE... Massage... Acupuncture points... Finger pressure... Healing massage routine...

9. SELF-HEALING SPELL... potent and powerful technique...


11. FURTHER READING... Note from the author...

12. SPECIAL REPORTS... Book order form... Table of disorders and acupoints... Diseases...


Massage is the systematic manipulation of body tissues. It is traditionally applied by the hands, although today the use of massage equipment such as vibrators or rollers is becoming increasingly common. This does not mean that equipment is more effective in achieving the aims of massage. All experts agree that for best results, the hands are preferred as they generate calm, cause pleasurable sensations, transfer energies and promote better healing. The origin of massage is clouded in mystery, although it is believed to have developed thousands of years ago from the ancient Chinese system of medicine. Today, there are many
systems of massage, many of which are peculiar to the race or culture of their exponents. There are the famed Chinese massage, Swedish massage, Japanese massage, Malay massage, Indian massage, French massage and so on. Within each of these are numerous variations developed by individuals to suit specific needs. Massage can be classified as modern. or traditional massage, western or eastern massage.


Massage does not really heal. All healing is done by the body itself. Like all forms of health care, modern or traditional, scientific or metaphysical, the ultimate aim of massage is to create the right conditions for the body
to be stimulated or motivated to return to homeostasis or equilibrium. The psychological and physiological changes brought about by massage are real and can be measured using sophisticated biofeedback equipment. Massage can be used to relieve or cure most psychological,
physiological, mechanical and reflexive health problems. It has been used successfully to treat all kinds of pains, injuries, aches, and illness. It also acts on the mind of the patient and therefore promotes faster and more effective recovery from any illness.
Nowadays it is widely used either as a therapy itself or in conjunction with natural therapies and other therapeutic disciplines such as sports medicine, veterinary medicine,
nursing, physiotherapy, etc. Does it work? Undoubtedly so, as millions of people all over the world have found out. As with other natural therapies, it is difficult to explain why it works in scientific language so it remains the task of the hard-nosed scientists to find out why. In the meantime, let us use it.


This report concentrates on three systems of massage that have developed over thousands of years. Each has proven its case and is ideally suited for the application of self- massage. The three techniques are Acupuncture, Reflexology and Shiatsu.

Although self-massage may deny you some of the sympathetic pleasure generated by contact with another person's hands, the health benefits are the same. Besides, it is more convenient and so much more economical. Good health must start with yourself. It is best to be self-reliant. You are responsible for your own good health and the right direction is toward the practice of self-massage. Of course, you can always have a good massage from a professional but only you can massage yourself every day at any time convenient to you.

Good health must be one of your most cherished assets. Without it, life becomes unbearable and meaningless. You will not be able to enjoy any of the varied pleasures of life.

Ill health is unnatural to the body. You get it when you have not taken good care of your body. How do you do about doing this? There is the hard way and the easy way. This book deals with the simple techniques, namely those of massage therapy. My belief is that it is the simple things
in life that works the best results for the individual. There is a simple way to good health, and this is it.


It cannot be denied that many apparently incurable diseases or hopeless cases have been successfully treated by the unorthodox or natural therapies. Thousands of people each year have their medical problems cured or bettered by natural therapies such as massage, acupuncture, ayurveda, shiatsu, homoeopathy, hypnosis, pyramid healing, reflexology,
radiesthesia and naturopathy to name just a few.

Stop the suffering and groaning. Get your copy of this invaluable health handbook today. You can massage your way to good health!

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- Van Gogh






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