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New Revised, Updated Third Edition



by Walter B. Graham.

This New Third Edition, $19.95. 240 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, 16-page color section. Hundreds of photos and illustrations to inform and instruct a total system for all phases of mechanical art preparation. A reviewer says: "A necessary book for anyone who prepares camera-ready copy. The 16-page chapter on color process pasteup is worth the price of the book."

Since it was first introduced in 1975, Complete Guide to Pasteup has received high praise from the printing industry as well as the educational field. Many graphic arts instructors have selected Complete Guide to Pasteup as the text for teaching the preparation of camera-ready copy.

This third edition contains more ideas, lips and methods as well as a new expanded chapter on Tints, Tones, Duotones and Pasteup for Color Process.


  • The first introduction of systematic production pasteup.

  • Based on years of practical experience in color and black and while copy preparation.

  • Designed to keep pasteup as simple as it is functional.

...from typesetting, art techniques, form preparation, publications...to preparation of complicated pasteup... here's a book that clearly demonstrates techniques designed to get jobs truly camera-ready, with important savings in time and money. The most exhaustive, comprehensive treatment ever published— a complete course in one oversized volume.

In 27 well-written chapters, this book outlines 20 basic steps of pasteup preparation... selling forth the author's own ingenious system for pasteup. It discusses composition, headlines and body type, spacing, copyfitting and preparation of color pasteup for reflective separation on the laser scanner. It describes the tools of the trade and expertise in using them, shows the differences essential for successful application of pasteup in a wide range of situations and processes.



What others have said about Walter B. Graham's second edition of Complete Guide to Pasteup. And now the third edition is even better!

"An amazing book in that it actually captures the in-person helpfulness and perceptive guidance of the author's own highly-respected nationwide Pasteup Workshops."

"I purchased your book... and quite frankly, I could hardly put it down, once I opened the covers! This is no small compliment, for, as a student of Visual Communications, I have hungrily devoured vast amounts of Graphic Arts literature. Nowhere, in any of my training and exposure to varied media techniques, have I found one single book that encompassed the whole field of Graphics so well! The detailed procedures are explained so expertly, in language that is fully comprehensive to the beginner as well as the professional who wishes to update his or her

"I found Walter Graham's book the most useful book I've found on the subject. In fact, it's the only one I've seen so far that comes close to providing an all-around working knowledge of the subject. I've recommended it to several people in the pasteup department where I

"Just finished reading your Complete Guide to Pasteup, and I'm hooked! It's the first mechanical system that made any sense to me."

"We have recently purchased your book. We find it very informative and easy to understand. The system is a good one and should be implemented throughout the field."

"Permit me to add to the many compliments you've no doubt received for authoring the best book I've every read on Pasteup. I just finished reading it and am a total convert to your... system for such work."

"As an instructor in the second year program in Advertising Art. and a veteran of many years in the field of advertising, I truly appreciate your excellent book, Complete Guide to Pasteup. (It contains) many exciting... and practical ideas you have captured in your rich and varied years of experience."

"Your book... is without doubt, the most helpful and useful publication ever published in the field. I have found it to be a goldmine of information with the added bonus of readability."



My satisfaction is guaranteed or my money back within 30 days.



Hourly Costs for Pasteup Preparation
Basic Steps of Pasteup Preparation
Pasteup - A Total System - Planning - Base Sheets - Grids
Color-Coded Centering Rule - Pica System
The Board System for Pasteup
Pin Register Pasteup Preparation
Manuscript Preparation
Composition, Headlines and Body Type, Spacing, Copyfitting
Proofreading - Proofreader's Marks
Tools of the Pasteup Trade
Sticking Proofs to the Base Sheet
Ruling, Tapes, Borders and Corners
Cropping and Proportion
Pasteup for halftones
Culling Boards, Sharp Knives and Trimmers
Correction Pasteup
Graphic While, Graphic Black and Techniques
Overlays, Tints and Tones
Line Prints and Proofing
The Offset Press, Gripper and Bleed

Imposition - Work and Turn, Tumble and Back - Pin

Register Copy Board
Newspaper Pasteup
Tints, Tones, Duotones and Color Process Pasteup
Layout and Clip Art Files
Six Hundred Classified Job Printing Ideas for Graphic Artists
Storage and handling
Glossary of Terms - More than 600 terms - many illustrated

240 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", paperback.

#1797 .......................................................... RM75.81 (US$19.95)





     To order by mail or fax, please copy, print, fax or mail this Order Form.   

Please read the How To Order INSTRUCTIONS before ordering. Orders to all countries are shipped by regular surface mail. Before ordering, please send an email to "e.verb@yahoo.com" or telephone (Malaysia) 017-5231484 / WHATSAPP +60178705831 //or SMS to (Malaysia) 017-5231484 / WHATSAPP +60178705831 //to confirm prices, shipping, delivery, bonuses, payment and availability. Thank you.

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[  ] Please rush my copy of the Third Edition of COMPLETE GUIDE TO PASTEUP for only $19.95 plus $2.50 postage & handling (RM75.81 + RM9.50 p&h). Total: US$22.45 (RM85.31)

Orders to all countries are shipped by 3rd or 4th class surface mail. Please add at least US$2.50 (RM9.50) for 3rd or 4th class (regular surface mail) postage. In some cases, shipping may be higher due to the heavier weight of the books or items. In case of doubt, please write, phone, or e-mail to us.

INTERNATIONAL AIR MAIL: If you want delivery by fast priority international Air Mail, please enclose additional payment. (1) For Air Mail to Asia-Pacific countries, please add at least US$7.00 for Air Mail. (2) For Air Mail to Europe, Middle East and Russia, please add at least US$8.00 for Air Mail. (3) For Air Mail to North America, Central, and South America, Africa, add at least US$9.00 for Air Mail. In some cases, the Air Mail charges may be higher than the ones sated here due to the heavier weight of the items, postal surcharges.

INTERNATIONAL COURIER: If you want delivery by Poslaju International Courier, (or Skynet, UPS, FedEx or international air courier), please note that the charges may cost much more than those for Air Mail. Typically, for a 500gm package (documents/printed matter only) the charges are as follows: West Malaysia (RM6); Sarawak (RM8); Sabah (RM9); Singapore (RM50); Brunei (RM50), Indonesia (RM55), Thailand (US$16), Argentina (US$45), Brazil US$45), Sweden (US$46); Australia (US$26), New Zealand (US$26), Bangladesh (US$25), China (US$30), India (US$26), Japan (US$26), Pakistan (US$26), Philippines (US$22), South Korea (US$24); Austria (US$32), Belgium (US$32), Iceland (US$39), Ireland (US$32), Switzerland (US$31), Tunisia (US$33), United Kingdom (US$32), Venezuela (US$35); Bahrain (US$26), Jordan (US$26); Cambodia (US$20), Lao (US$20), Vietnam (US$20); Canada (US$35), France (US$32), Kuwait (US$26), Saudi Arabia (US$28), Norway (US$35), Russia (US$35); Denmark (US$32), Greece (US$32), Kenya (US$32); Egypt (US$31), Iran (US$37), Luxembourg (US$44), Maldives (US$25), Papua New Guinea (US$24), Portugal (US$32), Qatar (US$26), Sri Lanka (US$27), United Arab Emirates (US$28); Finland (US$32), Italy (US$32), Nigeria (US$42), Netherlands (US$35), Spain (US$37); Germany (US$32); Hong Kong (US$22), Macau (US$22), Taiwan (US$24); Turkey (US$25), United States of America (US$32); Rest of the world (US$54)


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- Van Gogh








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