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The author of "Anyone Can Win Sweepstakes!", R. L. Pelson, knows the subject of sweepstakes. Using the methods he describes in his book, be has won the following prizes in a period of a year and a half. They aren't ALL big prizes as you can see, but even the small ones add up while waiting for the BIG ones to come in. Prizes include three TVs.

Waring Food Blender
Winchester Rifle
Years Supply of Bacon
Pro Football
Years Supply of Deodorant
Outdoor Thermometer
Transistor Radio
Cigarette Lighter
Tape Recorder
$25.00 Cash
G.E. Toaster
G.E. Coffee Maker
Zebco Rod and Reel
RCA 19" Portable TV
Kodak Instamatic Camera
Wading Pool
Stadium Blanket
G.E. Transistor Radio
Kodak Instamatic Camera
Broxodent Auto. Toothbrush
Decca Record Album
Seth-Thomas Clock
Record Album
G.E. Kitchen Clock
Kodak Super-8 Movie Camera
Thermos Cooler Chest
Columbia Album
Patter Pillow
Thermos Jug
G.E. Portable TV
G.E. Tape Player
Ice Cream Cake
AMP Renegade Bicycle
G.E. Transistor Radio
14K Charm Bracelet


Following Official Rules
How to Make Block Letters
All About Envelopes
How many Entries to Submit
When to Mail
Multiple Choice
Shortcuts and Tips
How Winners Are Chosen
Letters of Congratulations
Affidavits and Investigations
Expenses in Sweepstakes
List of Sweepstakes Publications
Typical Questions and Answers


"It is possible for anyone to win sweepstakes and win consistently! All it
takes is an organized, systematic approach, a planned method of entering, and
a little luck!

"Most people half-heartedly submit a few entries in one or two sweepstakes and, not overwhelmed with instant success, soon give up. My method of winning—and it can be yours too—is described in detail in the following pages. All you need to do is devote a little time, acquire the know-how, and invest in
postage. By following the methods in this book, I won 42 prizes in a period of
18 months. All of them were not big prizes, but it's fun winning the smaller
prizes knowing that you're in there with a chance to win the BIG ONE! My
prizes included three television sets, kitchen appliances, cameras, a bicycle
and other such items.

"Don't confuse sweepstakes with "contests." In contests, you must do something skillful such as completing a statement in 25 words or less, or making up the last line of a jingle, or naming a product. Sweepstakes take no such "skill", although you do have to follow rules very carefully. The winners in a sweepstakes are selected by some sort of "random" drawing. The winners in a "contest" are the ones judged as "best." In a sweepstakes, you do not HAVE to purchase the sponsor's product. In a contest, they can require that you purchase their product.

"In the past several years, there has been an abundance of sweepstakes. Usually, you can find 100 or more going on at any one time! Look in almost any
magazine or supermarket aisle, and you will find sweepstakes with fabulous
prizes being advertised! Cash, cars, televisions, world trips—you name it!
There is no trick. The prizes are given away to SOMEONE, and, as the old
saying goes, it might as well be YOU!

"Who are the companies sponsoring sweepstakes? Almost every type of product imaginable. Soft drinks, liquor, food products of all kinds, drugstore items, cosmetics and toiletries, cigarettes, airlines, and on and on. You do not have to sit back and watch someone else win these big prizes because you do not know how to go about entering or because you figure you don't have a chance, or because you've never won anything in your life.

"This book will take you step-by-step through the complete sweepstakes process. In simple, easy-to-understand instructions, it will tell you secrets and
methods that others have used to win, and to win consistently! You will find
tips, shortcuts, methods of obtaining cheaper supplies, how to make block
letters, questions and answers, how sweepstakes entries are selected, plus
much more.

"So get busy, read this book and start your sweepstakes entries rolling in.
Get some supplies—envelopes, 3" x 5" and 3?" x 5" paper and cards, postage,
pens, and you're ready to go. The more entries that sweepstakes sponsors
receive, the more convincing it will be to them that sweepstakes are a successful means of promotion. And the more sweepstakes, the better chance
YOU have to win!"

Letters People Hove Written


• "I am writing to let you know that I really appreciate your 'ANYONE CAN WIN SWEEPSTAKES' and would recommend it any day to anyone. Since receiving Poison's booklet I have won twice and within a five day period tool . . . thanks a bunch! This booklet was a big help in all areas ..." • Phill Snyder, Bruce, Mississippi.

• "Congratulations on your booklet 'ANYONE CAN WIN SWEEPSTAKES.' This is, by far, the clearest I have seen yet. And I am amazed that I have been doing practically everything you suggest and I, too, can assure people that your suggestions WORK ... I have won a trip to Europe; two trips to Miami; trip to New York; several thousand dollars cash; seven TV sets; mink stole; bicycles; washing machine; hundreds of smaller prizes. Again, thanks for the fine
book I have enjoyed reading."
— George Branham, Martinsville, Virginia


"I have just received a congratulation letter that I am a winner (FIRST PRIZE) of $2,000 or a wardrobe. I am taking the cash. It couldn't come at a better time I just can't believe I'll be getting a check for $2,000 ... I want to thank you for your help. Without your help, I probably would have never won anything. I have referred your book, "ANYONE CAN WIN SWEEPSTAKES" by R. L. Pelson, to a couple of my friends from Sheridan, Wyoming, and they plan on ordering." — Mrs. P. Nussbacher, Sheridan, Wyoming.


"The ideas in your book are excellent. Anyone following these guidelines will win I did." -H. O., Brooklyn, NY


• "I bought your book 'ANYONE-CAN WIN SWEEPSTAKES' and guess what? On my second Sweepstakes with 35 entries I won a Dodge Aspen. Wow! What a book! Thanks a million!" - Mrs. A. Southall, Hitchcock, Texas.


• "I must write this missive to tell you about the wonderful happenings flowing
from your book 'ANYONE CAN WIN SWEEPSTAKES.' Seven months ago I purchased the book just for kicks. With the 'I'm from Missouri' attitude and with the knowledge that the purchase price would be refunded if I wasn't satisfied, I began entering sweepstakes following your guidelines. HOW WRONG I WAS - I am experiencing a delightful, entertaining, challenging and rewarding pastime. In the past seven months I've won a trip for two to
Puerto Rico; two movie cameras; movie projector; bicycle; fishing outfit; radio;
clock, and numerous small items. Thanks again for your outstanding book."
— L. T., Brooklyn, N.Y.

32 pages. 8x11. Order today this great idea book and profit. Weight 110 gm. approx. net.

#1170 ........................................................ RM49.40 (US$13.00) postpaid





     To order by mail or fax, please copy, print, fax or mail this Order Form.   

Please read the How To Order INSTRUCTIONS before ordering. Orders to all countries are shipped by regular surface mail. Before ordering, please send an email to "e.verb@yahoo.com" or telephone (Malaysia) 017-5231484 //or SMS to (Malaysia) 017-5231484 //to confirm prices, shipping, delivery, bonuses, payment and availability. Thank you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    ORDER FORM   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

[   ] Please send me "ANYONE CAN WIN SWEEPSTAKES."  I am enclosing RM49.40 (US$13.00) postpaid.

Orders for books and similarly heavy items to all countries are shipped by 3rd or 4th class surface mail. Lighter items such as CDs and DVDs are sent by Air Mail. In some cases, shipping may be higher due to the heavier weight of the books or items. In case of doubt, please write, phone, or e-mail to us. NOTE: Any overpayment in shipping is refunded, cheerfully, as a matter of routine.      

INTERNATIONAL AIR MAIL: If you want delivery by fast priority international Air Mail, please enclose additional payment. (1) For Air Mail to Asia-Pacific countries, please add at least US$7.00 for Air Mail. (2) For Air Mail to Europe, Middle East and Russia, please add at least US$8.00 for Air Mail. (3) For Air Mail to North America, Central, and South America, Africa, add at least US$9.00 for Air Mail. In some cases, the Air Mail charges may be higher than the ones sated here due to the heavier weight of the items, postal surcharges.    

INTERNATIONAL COURIER: If you want delivery by Poslaju International Courier, (or Skynet, UPS, FedEx or international air courier), please note that the charges may cost much more than those for Air Mail. Typically, for a 500gm package (documents/printed matter only) the charges are as follows: West Malaysia (RM6); Sarawak (RM8); Sabah (RM9); Singapore (RM50); Brunei (RM50), Indonesia (RM55), Thailand (US$16), Argentina (US$45), Brazil US$45), Sweden (US$46); Australia (US$26), New Zealand (US$26), Bangladesh (US$25), China (US$30), India (US$26), Japan (US$26), Pakistan (US$26), Philippines (US$22), South Korea (US$24); Austria (US$32), Belgium (US$32), Iceland (US$39), Ireland (US$32), Switzerland (US$31), Tunisia (US$33), United Kingdom (US$32), Venezuela (US$35); Bahrain (US$26), Jordan (US$26); Cambodia (US$20), Lao (US$20), Vietnam (US$20); Canada (US$35), France (US$32), Kuwait (US$26), Saudi Arabia (US$28), Norway (US$35), Russia (US$35); Denmark (US$32), Greece (US$32), Kenya (US$32); Egypt (US$31), Iran (US$37), Luxembourg (US$44), Maldives (US$25), Papua New Guinea (US$24), Portugal (US$32), Qatar (US$26), Sri Lanka (US$27), United Arab Emirates (US$28); Finland (US$32), Italy (US$32), Nigeria (US$42), Netherlands (US$35), Spain (US$37); Germany (US$32); Hong Kong (US$22), Macau (US$22), Taiwan (US$24); Turkey (US$25), United States of America (US$32); Rest of the world (US$54)


[  ] I've enclosed RM49.40 (US$13.00) [   ] Check [  ] Money Order 

[  ] Postal Orders [  ] Bank Draft [   ] Cash

Date: ______________________________________________________


Your Name:


Your Address:





Birth date:


Reference No.


Email Add.:





Mail your order to:-


W.D.T. No. 39

Lot 20 Batu 20 Jalan Ipoh

48000 Rawang, Selangor


"Daily life is full of problems whether you like it or not. This is because you are ALWAYS alone in this world and life is ever-dynamic and ever-changing. When you worry or have doubts, you make matters worse. So, never worry. In life, anything is possible. Why should you worry when you can have fun solving them?"


- Van Gogh





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Semua Tangkal-Azimat diisikan dengan Hikmat Ayat untuk menolong menyelesaikan masalah anda. Dibuat KHAS untuk anda dengan Kuasa Minda dan ditahbiskan, diprogramkan, diuntukkan oleh Tuan Guru Mohammad Putra mengikut maklumat dalam surat/pesanan anda.

Tok adalah ahli batin yang berjaya, ahli fikir agung, pengarang beratus-ratus buku.'Walaupun masyhur, kehidupannya sentiasa sederhana seperti kanak-kanak. Sebagai seorang berwawasan, keinginannya ialah supaya kaum manusia hidup bahagia.

Untuk memesan, ikut arahan berikut:

1) sila hantar sekeping kertas/surat/borang pesanan dengan maklumat berikut:- nama anda, alamat penuh, tarikh lahir, no. telefon bimbit, hajat/tujuan anda, pekerjaan anda - untuk membolehkan Tuan Guru menyediakan hadiah Ilmu Al-Hikmah, Batu Hikmah, Pendinding Diri, Ayat Pengasih, Tangkal/Azimat/Batu/ Cincin/Loket/Rantai/ Uncang/Minyak/Ibu Duit/Ibu Dinar/Ibu Rezeki/dll - KHAS untuk anda.

2) Poskan pesanan anda dan 'Slip Bank'/'Wang Pos' (berpalang) dibuat atas nama EVERB kepada:

W.D.T. No. 39,
Lot 20 Bt 20 Jln Ipoh,
48000 Rawang, Selangor,

Semua buku, barang dan hadiah dijamin ada.

Jangan hantar Wang Pos yang kosong.

Jangan guna pos biasa.

Hantar dengan POS EKSPRES (hanya RM2.50)