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We have a wide range of books in all categories. The titles range from Mail Order, Business, Success, Inspirational to Money Making. Best selling titles for Mail Order, Spare Time, and Self-help.

We appreciate all orders, large or small. We drop ship the whole world on even single small orders. No order is too small.

More information on each book can be obtained by visiting the appropriate pages on Mail Order, Business, Self-Improvement, Personal, Health, Financial and Real Estate. 

Please read HOW TO ORDER before placing your orders with us.

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  1. #001 World's Best Home Study Mail Order Guide, by Robert Hildreth, 40 pgs, Revised ed.

  2. #002 Simplified Annual Mall Order Bookkeeping System, by Hildreth, 36 pgs

  3. #003 Complete Guide To Investing and Selling Coins by Mail, Hildreth, 36 pgs.

  4. #004 Instant Clip-Art For Printers and Mail Order Dealers, 36 pgs.

  5. #005 Four Easiest Mail Order Businesses, Robert Hildreth, 36 pgs

  6. #006 The Complete Securities Recorder System

  7. #050 Wholesale Printing Directory, Including Office Supply Directory, by Royal 

  8. #084 Successful Mail Order Wholesaling, by L. Nozsak, 8x11, 46 pgs, Illustrated

  9. #200 Money-Making Solar Energy Products Portfolio, 8x11, set of 10 (#201 thru #210). 

  10. #201 Five Ways To Live In a Solar Home Free!

  11. #202 The Amazing 25 cent Solar Water Heater

  12. #203 The Incredible $25.00 Solar-Heated Pool System

  13. #204 How To Build A Self-Heating Geo-Thermal Greenhouse 

  14. #205 The Solar Survival Kit

  15. #206 Enjoy A Cookout Anywhere With The Sun-B-Que

  16. #207 The Enlightening Solar Energy Experiment Kit

  17. #208 The Confidential Solar Wealth Report

  18. #209 Simple Solar Secrets That Slash Home Heating Costs

  19. #210 Raise Chilling Temperatures 60 Degrees With Solar Mini-Tent

  20. #221 Frictional Impact Explosive Formulas

  21. #233 Instant Ethanol, make your own fuel, by Dimke, 8x11, 48 pgs

  22. #261 Hong Kong Trade Directory, names/addresses of manufacturers & suppliers, 64 pgs

  23. #317 How To Make Money Writing and Selling Simple information, J. Barnes, 8x11 

  24. #342 How To Collect Up To $83,501 Worth of Government Benefits, 38 pgs

  25. #359 Fun With Manikin Studies, 32 pgs, Darby

  26. #360 Free Advertising For Mail Order Dealers, How To Get Yours, 8x11, 64 pgs

  27. #365 $50,000 A Year From Mail Order Ads, 8x11, 80 pgs, Lee Howard

  28. #366 How To Make Your Fortune With Books, Bates & Michaels, Premier

  29. #407 Beginner's Guide To Starling A Mail Order Business, 5x7,10 pgs

  30. #420 Wholesale Book Sources A Moneymaking Bookselling Ideas, 8x11,60 pgs, Lee Howard.

  31. #421 Krazy Cards, Outstanding assortment of 25 different humorous sayings, frameable, 5x8

  32. #428 Prescription Drugs Reference Guide, New & Updated, 8X11, 448 pgs, Index

  33. #429 Complete Works of Shakespeare, hrdcvr, 1228 pgs

  34. #433 Last Chance Guide To Financial Success, 8x11, 50 pgs, Stewart

  35. #437 How To Get Rich In Mail Order, 8x11, photo illstd., 350 pgs, Melvin Powers

  36. #438 105 Ways To Make Money At Home, 64 pgs, Jack Aboff

  37. #439 USA Coin Guide, Jack Aboff

  38. #441 Photo Markets Guide, 8x11, Linda McDonald

  39. #445 Book Dealers Dropship Directory, publishers who dropship, new 4th edition, 24 pgs

  40. 584 How Mail Order Fortunes Are Made, 5x7, 258 pgs, Al Stern

  41. #617 Al Stern's Mail Order Dealer's Questions & Answers, 8x11, 45 pgs.

  42. #622 Fun With Optical Illusions, 5x7, 32 pgs, S. Seidman

  43. #624 999 Successful Little Known Businesses, 5x8, 256 pgs, W. Caruthers

  44. #629 American Drop-Shippers Directory, 8x11, new 17th ed., Klon 

  45. #701 200 MPG Carburetors: Fact or Fraud? 8x11, 22 pgs, Allan Wallace

  46. #702 Vapor or Carburetor System, illstd, 8x11, 22 pgs, Ray Covey 

  47. #703 The Fuel-Mizer, An Improved Version, illstd, 8x11, Ron Beasley

  48. #704 The Naylor High Mileage Vapor Phase Carburetor, illstd., 8x 1, L. & K. Naylor

  49. #706 Five Carburetor Books

  50. #710 The Complete Alibi Handbook, 186 pgs, Mort Weisinger & Arthur Henley

  51. #714 Natural Childbirth Before Your Eyes, illstd, 8x11, 31 pgs

  52. #718 Chariots Of The Gods? 189 pgs, hrdcvr, Erich Von Daniken

  53. #719 Pocket Size Shopper's Calculator

  54. #1630 How To Protect Your Home From Burglary & Fire, Illstd, 55 pgs, Hobson

  55. #1631 Alarm Kit, pkg. of 5 stickers, envelope and Instructions

  56. #1668 Closeout Merchandise Moneymaking Manual, 8x11, 32 pgs, J. R. Crawford

  57. #1671 How To Build Gun Cabinets, 8x11, 43 pgs, Illstd, C. W. Brazllle

  58. #1674 How To Write Profitable Classified Ads, 19 pgs 

  59. #1702 How To Win Anything Using Astrology & Numerology, 8x11, 31 pgs 

  60. #1703 Anyone Can Win OH & Gas Leases, 8x11, 28 pgs., Playle

  61. #1704 Selling To Catalog Houses, 8x11, 48pgs., Playle

  62. #1710 Mall Order Basic Library, 10 top publications for beginners and experts alike: 

  63. #50 Wholesale Printing And Suppliers Directory

  64. #317 How To Make Money Writing and Selling Simple Information

  65. #365 $50,000 A Year From Mall Order Advertising

  66. #584 How Mall Order Fortunes Are Made

  67. #617 Al Stern's M.O. Dealer's Questions And Answers

  68. #905 Mail Order Dealer's Advertising Rate Manual, Revised 7th ed. (1989)

  69. #1562 How To Sell Books By Mail

  70. #1743 How To Write And Design Money-Making Response Advertisements.

  71. #1744 The Success How-To's of Money-Making Direct Mail

  72. #1745 How You Can Write Winning Sales Letters 

  73. #1710 Mall Order Basic Library Combination from circular

  74. #1711 From Pennies To Prosperity In Real Estate, 41 pgs, E. R. Ronner 

  75. #1712 How To Write A Good Advertisement, V. Schwab

  76. #1719 What's In The Dark? mystery by Ellery Queen 

  77. #1723 How To Publish Your Own Book Successfully,' 8x11, Lee Howard, Rev Ed

  78. #724 Secrets Of The 200 MPG Carburetor, 8x11, Illstd, 40 pgs, Allan Wallace 

  79. #1728 Taiwan Trade Directory, 8x11, 60 pgs

  80. #1729 Secrets Of Super Mileage Carburetors, 8x11, 45 pgs. publ. by Premier

  81. #1731 How To Get Rich In Multi Level Marketing, Holmes & Andrew, pert bound

  82. #1734 Finding & Fixing Old Houses, 104 pgs, B. & E. Harris

  83. #1741 59 Response/Profit Tips, Tricks, & Techniques To Help You Achieve Major Mall Order Series) by Galen Stilson

  84. #1742 How To Make The Successful Transition From Small-Time to Big-Time Mall Order On a Limited budget) by Galen Stilson

  85. #1743 How To Write And Design Money-Making Response Advertisements, 8x11 32 pgs  (Vol. 3 in the "Mail Order Success" Series) by Galen Stilson

  86. #1744 The Success How-To's of Money-Making Direct Mall, 8x11. 32 pgs, (Vol 4 In (he "Mail Order Success" Series) by Galen Stilson

  87. #1745 How You Can Write Winning Sales Letters, (Vol 5 In the "Mail Order Success" Series.) including bonus sample letters portfolio, by Galen Stilson

  88. #1747 All Five Books In the "Mail Order Success" series (from combination circular)

  89. #1750 Personal Lifeplan For Health & Fitness, Dennis Singsank, #178 pgs

  90. #1752 travel Free, How To Make A Fortune and Travel Absolutely FREE! hrdcvr. 207 pgs

  91. #1753 The Unabashed Self-Promoter's Guide, 8x11, 366 pgs, perfect bound, Dr. Jeffrey Lant 

  92. #1754 The Consultant's Kit, 8x11,204 pgs, perfect bound, Dr. Jeffrey Lant

  93. #1756 79 Ways To Make Money With A Camera, 5x7, 34 pgs, J. L. McVey 

  94. #1761 Directory of Short Run Book Printers, 3rd ed, 240 pgs, 5x8

  95. #1763 Money Talks. Creating Profitable Seminars In Any Field, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, 310 pgs.

  96. #1768 Importer's Guide To Singapore Products, Emir, 8x11, 48 pgs, fully Indexed

  97. #1770 100 How To Travel Tips, Johnson, A comprehensive directory. 5x8

  98. #1773 Development Today: A Fund Raising Guide For Non-Profit Organizations, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, 3rd rev ed

  99. #1774 The Complete Guide To Planned Giving, D. Ashton, 8x11, 407 pgs

  100. #1780 How To Become A Successful Freelance Writer, Jordan Young

  101. #1781 How To Obtain Maximum College Financial Aid, Rosenwasser, 135 pgs

  102. #1782 How & Where To Get Good Paying Career Oriented College Jobs, Rosenwasser, 48 pgs

  103. #1783 How To Find The Love Of Your Life, Dominitz, 220 pgs, pert bound, 6x9

  104. #1784 How To Borrow Your Way To Real Estate Riches, Tyler Hicks, 312 pgs

  105. #1785 Tricks Of The Trade, The Complete Guide To Succeeding In The Advice Business, 315 pgs, Dr. Jeffrey Lant

  106. #1786 World Buyers Guide To Unusual And Innovative Products, 48 pgs, Illstd

  107. #1788 The Truth About Chain Letters, Squier, 48pgs, 8x11

  108. #1790 How To Become A Business Tycoon, Paradice, 8x11

  109. #1791 Philippine Trade Directory, 48 pgs, 8x11

  110. #1792 The Complete Credit Book, 80 pgs, 8x11

  111. #1793 Money-Making Marketing, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, 8x11, 285 pgs

  112. #1795 The Garage Sale Book, Groberman, 5x8, 90 pgs, pert bound

  113. #1796 The Money Raiser's Directory of Bank Credit Card Programs, 8x11, perfect bound

  114. #1797 The Complete Guide To Pasteup, Graham, 8x11, 240 pgs, revised 3rd edition

  115. #1798 How To Steal $1,000,OOO of Publicity, Barber, 8x11, perf. bound, 66 pgs

  116. #1799 99 Profitable Home Business Opportunities, 8x11, 64 pgs

  117. #3000 Self-Hypnosis Cassette Tapes

  118. #3004 Four Tape Combo

  119. #3008 Eight Tape Combo

  120. #3300 Business Manuals, #3307-3322

  121. #3340 Four Manual Combo

  122. #3341 All 16 Manuals in the 3300 Series

  123. #3400 Business Reports, #3401-3425

  124. #3440 Ten Report Combo

  125. #3441 All 25 Reports In the 3400 Series

  126. #3500 Business Reports, #3501-3511

  127. #3540 Seven Report Combo

  128. #3541 All 11 Reports In the 3500 Series

  129. #3600 Mall Order Business Reports, #3601-3621

  130. #3640 Ten Report Combo

  131. #3641 All 21 Reports In the 3600 Series

  132. #3700 Mall Order Business reports, #3701-3709

  133. #3740 Seven Report Combo

  134. #3741 All 9 Reports in the 3700 Series

  135. #3962 All 82 Reports and Manuals. Purchase of full 82 reports above Includes reproduction rights with certificate of authorization to resell reprint rights.

  136. #4010 How To Achieve Total Success, Russ von Hoelscher, 442 pgs, 6x9 ppbck

  137. #4011 Making Money For Yourself, Russ von Hoelscher & Sterne, 310 pgs, 6x9 ppbck

  138. #4012 Stay Home And Make Money, Russ von Hoelscher, 274 pgs, 6x9 ppbck

  139. #4013 Secrets Of The Millionaires, George Sterne, 256 pgs, 6x9 ppbck

  140. #4014 How You Can Make A Fortune Selling Information By Mall, Russ von Hoelscher, 225 pgs

  141. #4015 Real Estate Wealth Building Opportunities, Russ von Hoelscher, 310 pgs, 6x9ppbk

  142. #4020 Seven Strategies For Wealth And Happiness, Jim Rohn, paperback ed, 156 pgs

  143. #4025 Successful Achievement, Dr Sidney Bremer, 5 volume hrdcvr set w/matching case, 1492 pgs

  144. #4030 Warning: A Salaried Job May Be Hazardous To Your Wealth, R. Mann, 8x11, 127 pgs

  145. #4032 The New Social Security Guide, 112 pgs, 6x9, Fred Evicci

  146. #4035 Understanding And Preventing Aids: A Book For Everyone, 232 pgs, 7x10, Chris Jennings

  147. #4036 How To Avoid Getting Mugged by Mr. Badwrench, by Sal Farello, 5x8, 224 pgs

  148. #4037 Cash Copy, How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your prospects Buy Them Now! Dr. Jeffrey Lant

  149. #4038 How To Buy And Sell At Government Sales And Auctions, 248 pgs, 8x11

  150. #4039 Free Things For Kids To Write Away For, Jack Aboff, 64 pgs

  151. #4040 How To Make A Whole Lot More Than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing And Selling "How-To" Information, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, 552 pgs, 6x9

  152. #4041 Four Trade Directories from combination circular (#261, #1728, #1768, #1791)

  153. #4042 How to Publish Your Own Mail Order Paper, Bev Harris.

  154. #4043 Home-Based Businesses, Over 250 Ways to Earn Your Fortune, J. Rue, 208 pgs, 8x11

  155. #4044 Free Stuff from Uncle Sam, 64 pgs, Jack Aboff

"Happiness is expressed through unconditional love, character, oneness with life, and the ability to live your life your way. I call it "Life Without Rules."


- Van Gogh







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Tok adalah ahli batin yang berjaya, ahli fikir agung, pengarang beratus-ratus buku.'Walaupun masyhur, kehidupannya sentiasa sederhana seperti kanak-kanak. Sebagai seorang berwawasan, keinginannya ialah supaya kaum manusia hidup bahagia.

Untuk memesan, ikut arahan berikut:

1) sila hantar sekeping kertas/surat/borang pesanan dengan maklumat berikut:- nama anda, alamat penuh, tarikh lahir, no. telefon bimbit, hajat/tujuan anda, pekerjaan anda - untuk membolehkan Tuan Guru menyediakan hadiah Ilmu Al-Hikmah, Batu Hikmah, Pendinding Diri, Ayat Pengasih, Tangkal/Azimat/Batu/ Cincin/Loket/Rantai/ Uncang/Minyak/Ibu Duit/Ibu Dinar/Ibu Rezeki/dll - KHAS untuk anda.

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