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You need to purify your aura so that it can achieve its potential. The auras of many people become weak from stress, tension and negative influences in their daily living. You need to cleanse and recharge your aura so that it always functions at its optimal level to guide and protect you.

In many places of worship, there are special chants to rid a person’s aura of all impurities. Only those who are pure in the heart and mind can perform this special service. The average person has difficulty in working with chants and mantras due to childhood conditioning and a negative environment.

Don’t worry. The crystals included with your order have been specially dedicated to you. The gems have been cleansed, dedicated and attuned to you according to the name and birth date you gave on the “Order Form” before we send them to you. That is right. This is a personalized service. After programming, we call the gemstones Psycho Crystals. They are crystals mined from under the ground and noted for their power to benefit individuals once properly attuned. 

We have performed the required ancient occult rituals on these crystals for you by name. The crystals are now personal to you. Do not let anyone handle it!  We repeat, do not let anyone handle your crystals.

You can start using the customized crystals today. Just carry them with you during the day time and under your pillow at night. There is nothing else to do. We have done everything for you. However, if you want to increase their powers, follow the special instructions shipped with your order.

Don’t just wait for things to happen for you. Make them happen. Help yourself to success by leading an active life. Jump out of bed every morning and get up and going. Today!

There is magic in the air you breathe. Make that magic of life work for you by showing faith in your beliefs. Be enthusiastic, determined, follow your heart and heed your instincts. Remember, there are no mistakes in life. Everything happens for a reason.

Daily life is always a challenging activity. Whenever you need help in any way, you may turn to your crystals. Hold your crystal in your hands and talk to it. Subvocalise your need or desire. Anything you need can be realized if you believe. 

The crystal will help to intensify, amplify and transmute your thoughts (your need or desire) into material form. Concentrate your thoughts on the crystal and as it intensify your aura to a higher level, so you shall have to energy and presence of mind to achieve your goal.

The Psycho Crystals will channel your aura into a point and then project it into the surrounding energy fields. They can help to intensify your aura a hundred fold. Crystal power is a natural phenomenon and does not conflict with any religious beliefs that we know of.

Keep their existence a secret. Keep your profound, instinctive feelings for them to yourself. You don’t want to tell others about them because they might discourage you. People are like that. They are always putting others down and making condemnations of things that they do not understand. They are always trying to bring you down to their level.

We provide crystals that have been dedicated to you and tuned to your personal aura frequency. The intense dedicating process is an ancient occult secret based on your name and birth date. 

Crystals are useful psychic aids. They help to promote balance and harmony, to help you to purify your aura, to become more influential, to improve your luck, to develop self-confidence, to have greater self-control, to win in gambling, to attract riches, to find love, to increase psychic power, and to enjoy happiness. 

No reprogramming of the crystals is needed. All the programming has been done for you. But you can increase the crystals’ powers by holding them in your hands every morning and night and saying a small prayer to help you in achieving your daily goals.  

Infinite possibilities exist around you. Life is full of infinite opportunities and possibilities. Nothing is impossible. Use the Psycho Crystals and believe wholeheartedly that nothing is too good to happen for you. Nothing is! Everything you dreamed of is possible if you put your beliefs into action.

Throughout history, stones have been used to solve all kinds of problems. People have used them to acquire, material wealth, develop psychic powers, solve psychological problems, heal ailments, improve wisdom, attract love, improve the aura, win in career matters, protect against failures, find sexual opportunities, help in astral travel, protect against psychic attacks. Such beliefs have persisted throughout the ages simply because they work.

Through Numerology, Astrology, the Pendulum, and other forms of divination, you can find the stones, gems, or crystals that suit your needs. There are all kinds of stones to satisfy all kinds of needs. 

It is important to remember that it is not the stone, book, element, animal, person, knowledge or whatever thing that is magickal.  Nothing is truly magickal until you choose to believe it is so and act with absolute faith based on that belief.

The crystals are specially dedicated to you so that you will acquire wealth, win in gambling, make friends, heal your aura, increase your mental power, find the job you need, gain a promotion, gain wisdom, and be successful generally.

If you have any specific requests relating to money, health, love, business, job, success, study and so on, write to us. Many crystals are available and can be dedicated to you for whatever purpose you seek, whatever problems you want solved.

If you want us to program a crystal for you for any specific need, tell us about your problem in a letter. We will then suggest the appropriate crystal or crystals for your case. The fee is a standard RM76.00 (US$20.00) per crystal. This includes the cost of the crystal, the dedication, programming, and Air Mail or First Class Mail postage to you. There is no other charge.

If you are sending us YOUR OWN crystal for programming, send RM57.00 (US$15.00) for each crystal you want programmed by us.



#A110C ............................ RM76.00 (US$20.00) per custom programmed crystal

Money problems? Love problems? Health problems? Worried, anxious or fearful of anyone or anything? All problems can be solved. Click here to go there.



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Please read the How To Order INSTRUCTIONS before ordering. Orders to all countries are shipped by regular surface mail. Before ordering, please send an email to "e.verb@yahoo.com" or telephone (Malaysia) 017-5231484 / or SMS to (Malaysia) 017-5231484 / WHATSAPP +60178705831 //to confirm prices, shipping, delivery, bonuses, payment and availability. Thank you.

Orders for books and similarly heavy items to all countries are shipped by 3rd or 4th class surface mail. Lighter items such as CDs and DVDs are sent by Air Mail. In some cases, shipping may be higher due to the heavier weight of the books or items. In case of doubt, please write, phone, or e-mail to us. NOTE: Any overpayment in shipping is refunded, cheerfully, as a matter of routine.

INTERNATIONAL AIR MAIL: If you want delivery by fast priority international Air Mail, please enclose additional payment. (1) For Air Mail to Asia-Pacific countries, please add at least US$7.00 for Air Mail. (2) For Air Mail to Europe, Middle East and Russia, please add at least US$8.00 for Air Mail. (3) For Air Mail to North America, Central, and South America, Africa, add at least US$9.00 for Air Mail. In some cases, the Air Mail charges may be higher than the ones sated here due to the heavier weight of the items, postal surcharges.


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"Every baby is born with occult knowledge although it may not be apparent to everyone who handles it. The knowledge is passed on from its parents and the natural pattern itself."


- Van Gogh








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Semua Tangkal-Azimat diisikan dengan Hikmat Ayat untuk menolong menyelesaikan masalah anda. Dibuat KHAS untuk anda dengan Kuasa Minda dan ditahbiskan, diprogramkan, diuntukkan oleh Tuan Guru Mohammad Putra mengikut maklumat dalam surat/pesanan anda.

Tok adalah ahli batin yang berjaya, ahli fikir agung, pengarang beratus-ratus buku.'Walaupun masyhur, kehidupannya sentiasa sederhana seperti kanak-kanak. Sebagai seorang berwawasan, keinginannya ialah supaya kaum manusia hidup bahagia.

Untuk memesan, ikut arahan berikut:

1) sila hantar sekeping kertas/surat/borang pesanan dengan maklumat berikut:- nama anda, alamat penuh, tarikh lahir, no. telefon bimbit, hajat/tujuan anda, pekerjaan anda - untuk membolehkan Tuan Guru menyediakan hadiah Ilmu Al-Hikmah, Batu Hikmah, Pendinding Diri, Ayat Pengasih, Tangkal/Azimat/Batu/ Cincin/Loket/Rantai/ Uncang/Minyak/Ibu Duit/Ibu Dinar/Ibu Rezeki/dll - KHAS untuk anda.

2) Poskan pesanan anda dan 'Slip Bank'/'Wang Pos' (berpalang) dibuat atas nama EVERB kepada:

W.D.T. No. 39,
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48000 Rawang, Selangor,

Semua buku, barang dan hadiah dijamin ada.

Jangan hantar Wang Pos yang kosong.

Jangan guna pos biasa.

Hantar dengan POS EKSPRES (hanya RM2.50)

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