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Semua Tangkal-Azimat diisikan dengan Hikmat Ayat untuk menolong menyelesaikan masalah anda. Dibuat KHAS untuk anda dengan Kuasa Minda dan ditahbiskan, diprogramkan, diuntukkan oleh Tuan Guru Mohammad Putra mengikut maklumat dalam surat/pesanan anda.

Tok adalah ahli batin yang berjaya, ahli fikir agung, pengarang beratus-ratus buku.'Walaupun masyhur, kehidupannya sentiasa sederhana seperti kanak-kanak. Sebagai seorang berwawasan, keinginannya ialah supaya kaum manusia hidup bahagia.

Untuk memesan, ikut arahan berikut:

1) sila hantar sekeping kertas/surat/borang pesanan dengan maklumat berikut:- nama anda, alamat penuh, tarikh lahir, no. telefon bimbit, hajat/tujuan anda, pekerjaan anda - untuk membolehkan Tuan Guru menyediakan hadiah Ilmu Al-Hikmah, Batu Hikmah, Pendinding Diri, Ayat Pengasih, Tangkal/Azimat/Batu/ Cincin/Loket/Rantai/ Uncang/Minyak/Ibu Duit/Ibu Dinar/Ibu Rezeki/dll - KHAS untuk anda.

2) Poskan pesanan anda dan 'Slip Bank'/'Wang Pos' (berpalang) dibuat atas nama EVERB kepada:

W.D.T. No. 39,
Lot 20 Bt 20 Jln Ipoh,
48000 Rawang, Selangor,

Semua buku, barang dan hadiah dijamin ada.

Jangan hantar Wang Pos yang kosong.

Jangan guna pos biasa.

Hantar dengan POS EKSPRES (hanya RM2.50)

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"It starts with this - the secret of the ages. "Be yourself, truly and completely." Cultivate your character. Develop your talent."


"Live actively and in faith. To do this, follow this maxim: "Accept, don't expect." Then, you can be one with the natural pattern. Be God, even."


"Follow your dream. Live without rules. That is how you can live your life your way. 

Finally, help on the purpose of life."

"These principles of life are the little things that matter. Observing them will be to your advantage."


"It takes a great deal of courage to admit that little things can make a great impact in your life."


- Van Gogh


"Spiritual values can help you to become a better person."


"Whatever your goals, cultivating the spiritual in you will add to your personal power. You cannot use it like the way you use your physical power."


"To use your spiritual power, you must let it use you. Show sufficient will and great faith, and your spirit will lead you to all that is worth having."

"You weaken the spiritual in you when you abuse or overfeed your body. Your faith is absent whenever you neglect, abuse, or hate your body."


"Frustrations, boredom, obsessions and fears happen when you try to overcome your circumstances by physical means alone."


"Your circumstances are not beyond your control when you are the master of your thoughts."


- Van Gogh




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Orders for books and similarly heavy items to all countries are shipped by 3rd or 4th class surface mail. Lighter items such as CDs and DVDs are sent by Air Mail. In some cases, shipping may be higher due to the heavier weight of the books or items. In case of doubt, please write, phone, or e-mail to us. NOTE: Any overpayment in shipping is refunded, cheerfully, as a matter of routine.

INTERNATIONAL AIR MAIL: If you want delivery by fast priority international Air Mail, please enclose additional payment. (1) For Air Mail to Asia-Pacific countries, please add at least US$7.00 for Air Mail. (2) For Air Mail to Europe, Middle East and Russia, please add at least US$8.00 for Air Mail. (3) For Air Mail to North America, Central, and South America, Africa, add at least US$9.00 for Air Mail. In some cases, the Air Mail charges may be higher than the ones sated here due to the heavier weight of the items, postal surcharges.



Dedicated to those who dare to live, LIVE, and L-I-V-E!



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The World's Premier Professional Online Auction Marketing Program
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A few important notes from the author...

At first glance, my course may appear similar to other products dealing with the subject of selling via eBay and other online auctions. But if you take a few minutes to review the information contained in my 9 part (9 manuals), 200+ page course, you'll find those other products are a far cry from the high caliber auction selling system that my course centers around.

Let me ask you this... Have you reached a point where you're tired of working for someone else? Fed up with making your boss rich in exchange for hourly pay?... Tired of the lack of freedom that comes with having to work around a schedule that you have little or no say in?

If so, starting an exciting, lucrative business as an eBay (the #1 online auction site) seller may be exactly what you're looking for!

Thousands of other people - individuals just like you - have made the decision to turn in their time-cards in favor of starting a successful business on eBay. These people are now setting their own hours, making their own decisions, answering to nobody else but themselves, making livings from the comfort of home!

This is REAL folks, not hype! Online auction marketing may at first seem an obscure way to make a living, but when you consider that it's really just a new form of mail-order - a business that's been around for hundreds of years - it's not so strange after all!

You've probably heard these clichιs all too often... 'Work in your pajamas', 'make money while you sleep', 'generate an unlimited income'...

But spend a little time 'hanging around' eBay, on the message boards and so forth, and you'll start hearing first-hand from individuals just like you that really ARE working in their pajamas, making money while they sleep, earning much more than they used to make at their 'regular' jobs!

So why eBay? What makes selling on eBay different from other opportunities? Why are so many people becoming independent success stories as eBay sellers? If you already know a little about running a business, you probably realize that attracting people to your business - gaining exposure for what it is you're offering - is perhaps the biggest challenge!

Well imagine starting a business where the prospective customers are already there in the building, waiting to order! This is exactly what eBay offers - millions of buyers that regularly visit, search, and browse the site for great deals on merchandise!

Your customers are ready and waiting for YOU right now!

Perhaps you'd simply like a little extra spending cash... OR perhaps you want to be the next eBay seller featured in the pages of Time Magazine for your extraordinary success! Whatever your aim, 'The No Money Down Wafak Ajaib Course' will set you right on target!

My course is jam-packed with every last bit of information needed to build your online auction 'empire'...

Information such as the world's best wholesale and below product sources (not a directory but REAL sources used by REAL sellers), drop-shippers, import companies... Information on producing professional auction ad copy and display ads, auction management and automation, auction business tools and software... And a whole lot more!

Every last success 'secret' is exposed, every formula revealed... And it's all bundled together and arranged in the form of a highly potent system that you'll be able to follow step-by-step on your way to personal success and satisfaction!


The Ultimate Home Business!

Dear Friend,

Did you ever see that 'Magic Secrets Revealed' show with the 'Masked Magician', where secrets to the world's most amazing magic tricks were finally revealed to all?

The 'masked magician' made a fortune by breaking the #1 rule of magicians: 'never reveal your secrets'!

It seems that magicians aren't the only ones with that rule! The best Ebay sellers - the sellers that are really raking it in - seem to follow the same unwritten rule - 'never reveal your secrets'!

I don't know much about magic, but when it comes making a LIVING on eBay - I'm 'Houdini'! And I reveal all to you in my exciting new product...

'The No Money Down Wafak Ajaib Course' is a comprehensive 9 part, 200+ page program that will enable you to become a master eBay (online auction seller) in just a few short days!

Here is just a taste of what you'll discover when you order my course...

  • How anyone can start selling and generating a cashflow online in just a few short hours and without having to invest a cent in products or inventory - NO MONEY DOWN! 
  • Online auction basics (in the beginners section I've included especially for you eBay newbies)!
  • A master marketing system that you can customize to suit your selling preferences and income needs...
  • How to pick what category of product you'd like to sell and 'plug it in' to 'the system'. In the course I refer to this as the 'pick, plug, and profit' formula. Whether you're looking for some extra spending cash, or desire to make $50,000-75,000 or more a year from the comfort of your home, you can apply 'the system' to meet your ultimate goal!
  • The REAL product sources of the PROS: The top two closeout and wholesale trade publications in the country... These monthly magazines are jam-packed with dirt cheap merchandise of all kinds: Ginsu knives, leather jackets, sunglasses, razor style scooters, digital cameras, weapons, lasers, computers, toys, clothes, tools... The list goes on and on! (You'll want to order a sample issue and feast your eyes on the massive variety of merchandise at unbelievable prices. I can't wait for my next issue to arrive!) These two resources alone are enough to stock many large warehouses of products to sell on eBay, but this is only the tip of the iceberg...
  • I'll tell you about Wholesale Dealer Auctions, very possibly the best resource on earth for serious eBay sellers!
  • Or how about buying pallets of brand new QVC merchandise at a fraction of wholesale cost?!
  • If you're dying to know the best drop-shipping companies in the nation, you'll wonder no more as they're revealed in my course! Drop-ship wholesalers are used by many eBay sellers, particularly those who don't have the space to stock an inventory of merchandise. (Learn the many advantages of drop-shipping in my course!)
  • Discover the top dollar store suppliers! Obviously, dollar store owners and operators have inside sources to dirt cheap products that they'd never tell you about - but I will! Hey, maybe you'll be one of the first to run your own 'dollar store auctions'!
  • They're not for me personally, but it sure seems that 'As Seen On TV' products sell well on eBay... I'll reveal to you the top wholesale source for 'Tap Lights', 'Ginsu Knives', 'Smart Mops' and hundreds of other 'As Seen On TV' products... These guys drop-ship too!
  • There's a good chance that someone out there is running an auction for a diet product of some sort that is featured on eBay's home page right now! Diet products sell like crazy on eBay. I'll show you where to find the most popular diet pills and programs available today - at dealer cost of course!
  • If you're really anxious to start raking in the cash, you'll be especially interested in my 'copycat' method! I'll teach you how to recognize the most profitable auctions and 'copycat' them for your own profit (of course doing it the legal, ethical way)!
  • If you've ever wondered where a particular seller gets a particular product, you'll love my step-by-step method for hunting down the wholesale supplier for virtually any product you see being sold on eBay!
  • Learn how to build an arsenal of profitable, fast selling products!
  • How to save 70% of your time by automating every possible aspect of the auction marketing process! I'll give you my recommendations on the best auction listing and management sources on the net, and explain how to get the most from these services.
  • This is one of my favorite aspects of the course: I'll discuss the 'numbers game' and how it directly applies to your online auction listings. You'll learn a detailed auction listing formula that you can apply to meet your weekly or monthly income goal...
  • Watch your profits skyrocket as you learn advanced online selling strategies... Creating a web-site that works in conjunction with your online auctions, how to explode your online/auction profits with customer and prospect lists, effective 'upsell' strategies, 'backend' product offers, creating a profitable online newsletter, and much more!

You'll also discover...

  • The absolute best, most profitable products to sell at auction and on the web!
  • How to create fast selling products of your own - you keep 100% of the profit!
  • My feedback booster system - how to rack up positive ratings like crazy!
  • My personal, step-by-step formula for creating powerful auction ads that will make even mediocre products sell like hot cakes... First I explain my sales letter and display ad creation formula in detail. Then, I use a real life example to demonstrate the difference between an average auction ad, and one of my 'killer' ads (my 'killer' ad brought in 10 additional bids and over $20 more profit on eBay)!
  • What listing options work to increase your profits, and which don't (as well as when they work and when they don't)!
  • Many little known methods to immediately increase your cashflow!
  • How to easily create eBooks and other information products to sell on eBay!
  • How to instantly increase hits to your auction ads by up to 300% or more!
  • Testing your way to an online auction fortune!
  • How to systematically 'weed out' auctions that aren't performing up to par...
  • Many ways that you've never thought of to make your successful auctions even more profitable!
  • Killer 'Dutch' auction techniques that will send your bottom line through the roof... Use my Dutch auction strategies to ignite your online auction sales!
  • Dutch auctions vs. single listings...
  • Spacing out your auction listings (timing is everything)!
  • A quick way to double your profits (almost nobody else does this and it's so easy!)...
  • Using your 'About Me' page to maximize your earning potential!
  • The secrets of eBay's most successful seller!
  • How hit counters can increase your profits!
  • Garage sales and used items vs. new items - what's better?
  • Master the 'One Minute Invention Idea Generator' and come up with new product ideas whenever you desire!
  • Discover the 5 products that people have to have!

You'll also learn about...

  • The best Internet services to use with your online auction business...
  • Organizing every aspect of your business...
  • Customer service - don't underestimate the importance of keeping your customers happy! Follow my advice and your customers will love you!
  • Shipping methods and materials - an in depth look...
  • E-mail 'secrets'!
  • Building your credibility to directly increase your sales!
  • Leveraging your resources to make more money in less time, with much less effort!
  • And much, much more... Over 200 pages packed with the inside information that will allow you to take the leap from novice or intermediate seller to 'pro' status in a few short days! Even you Power Sellers will benefit greatly from the online auction business system that is the focus of my course!

You won't find anything like my course anywhere else... It's not just about online auctions. In fact, it's far more. The course centers around a solid business foundation and sound business principles that apply to a wide variety of other business and marketing venues.

The system that I outline in the course can easily be applied to running a successful e-commerce site, a 'brick-and-mortar' store, a direct marketing campaign, or just about any type of venture you might choose.

But online auction marketing truly is one of the best home business opportunities to come along in many years, and that's exactly why it's the focus of my course!

Here's a look of what's covered in each manual...

Manual 1: 'The Ultimate Home Based Business'... You'll gain a solid overview of your new online auction business venture, and an introduction to the auction selling system that my course centers around. Manual 1 is designed for beginners to easily comprehend, yet even studied auction sellers will find valuable nuggets of information that they can use to enhance their sales and profits.

Manual 2: 'The Foundation of a Profitable Online/Auction Business'... Serves as your personal tutorial for laying the foundation of a successful online auction business! This manual is not intended for the eBay "hobbyist", but for people who are serious about making the most of this lucrative profession!

Manual 3: 'Drop-Shipping - The No Risk Way to a Healthy Cashflow'... Discover the best drop-shipping product suppliers on the planet, and how to most effectively use them to sell products before having to pay for them! This manual in uncensored, in that you'll be given contact information to the product suppliers other auction sellers absolutely do not want you to know about. Once you have a few supplier catalogs in hand, you'll start recognizing many of the products you see being sold on eBay every day!

Manual 4: 'Wholesale - and Far Below - Sources Uncensored'... This manual does not contain a massive list of generic sources like the wholesale directories you'll find elsewhere... I list and describe only the cream-of-the-crop in wholesale and below product suppliers - the sources used by professional flea-marketers, dollar store owners, gift shop owners, kiosk merchandisers, and many other retail store owners and operators! You'll be able to go straight to the source(s) for the category of products you've chosen to sell. Manual 3 & 4 are the only resources you'll ever need to refer to again in finding virtually any type of product at cost... Never pay retail again!

Manual 5: 'Product Selection, the Copycat Technique, and Building Your Arsenal of Hot Products'... Your straight forward guide to first finding your special merchandising niche on eBay, and then establishing a list of potent, fast selling products that will serve as your 'ammunition' in generating multiple cashflows. You'll be shown creative ways to keep your product arsenal generating cash on a consistent basis by weeding out the auctions that aren't performing at a satisfactory level, and 'rolling out' your top ranking products!

Manual 6: 'Professional Product Presentation and Killer Advertising Techniques!'... Once you've mastered the topics covered in Manual 6, you'll be able to crank out masterful auction ads (or just about any type of ad for that matter) that will attract hits and draw bids like you won't believe! Step by step, you'll learn a money-making skill that will be with you for life!

Manual 7: 'Lucrative Listing'... Reveals many highly effective auction/product listing formulas and strategies... But it centers around a unique method of 'playing the numbers' to help you reach your ultimate sales goal! Manual 7 eliminates the guesswork normally involved in listing your auctions!

Manual 8: 'Managing and Automating Your Online/Auction Business'... How well you leverage your time and money will largely determine how successful you become financially. Manual 8 spells out the best methods and resources that will enable you to make more money in less time. In addition, Manual 8 really gets down to the nitty-gritty of running a successful business, including the topics of building trust and credibility, customer service, shipping, ordering merchandise, payment processing, organizing the various aspects of your auction business (critical), and much more!

Manual 9: 'After the Auction - The Profits Continue!'... If done right, your 'after auction profits' can match, or eclipse the money you make directly from running auctions! Manual 9 demonstrates how your auctions can (and should) serve as the 'catalyst' to many additional sales! Manual 9 covers such topics as customer lists, upsell strategies, back-end products, building a successful web-site, newsletters, affiliate programs, joint ventures, off-line marketing, and more!

You have everything to gain and absolutely NOTHING to lose!...

If you have some experience as an online auction seller already, and feel that you've pretty much read over most of what's out there, I can guarantee you've not seen anything as revealing, as thorough, as comprehensive, as potent, and as effective as my course... This is a truly unique, ingenious auction selling system that really works, not just in theory, but in real life!

I personally make it a point to read all the latest books and reports on the subject of online auctions, and I've seen nothing that even comes close to the caliber, quality, and value that my course offers. If after ordering my course, you're not 100% satisfied, just let me know and I'll send your money back right away, no questions asked. I'm so confident that you'll love this course, should you decide to request your money back, I'll still let you keep ALL 9 manuals! How can you lose?!


If you were to order each manual of 'The Course' individually, you'd pay $14.95 for each, totaling $134.55 for all 9 manuals. The standard package price for buying all 9 manuals at once is normally $69.95. But today is your lucky day! For a short time I'm offering the entire course - that's all 9 manuals - for the incredible price of just $24.95!

This is one deal you do not want to pass up!

Order Now - Only $24.95
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add Value to your purchase. Click here to go there.


To order by mail and receive the product on CD-ROM, send US$24.95 (RM94.81) to:


W.D.T. No. 39

Lot 20 Batu 20 Jalan Ipoh

48000 Rawang, Selangor






To order by instant download, please click on the button below:


The right time to get involved is now!...

The good news about the exciting world of online auctions is that things are just beginning... Now is the time to get involved in this amazing, multi-billion dollar industry and secure your piece of the pie!

For you beginners... Don't make the mistake of thinking you have to be a computer expert, or even 'good' with computers in general to enjoy success as an online auction marketer. If you've done a little browsing on the Internet, as well as sent and received a few e-mails, you can do anything any of the top sellers on eBay can do with a bit of diligence.

You can experience the same freedom, satisfaction, and rich rewards that other online marketers are enjoying right now - today! But only if you decide to take action! Success won't fall in your lap. You need to reach out and grab it! The best way to do so is by ordering my course and diving right in! Remember, this is a limited time offer, so order now while the opportunity is here!


Copyright 2001, free4allprofits.com


"Greet each new day with a smile and hope. Everyone is afraid because each day is a challenge that can bring success or failure. Those who understand the nature of things know that there is nothing to fear except the fear itself. If you have lived each day fully, you are a better person today than you were yesterday. Lead an active life and you will overcome your fears."


- Van Gogh






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