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The total value of all BONUSES is about three times the price you are paying for your ad. We can give them to you for FREE because we are the Prime Source. ALL THESE BENEFITS for placing your classified ad in the PERPETUAL ADVERTISER.

Place your classified ad (up to 100 words) here for the low price of only RM57.00 (US$15.00).

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  1. Free Typesetting. We will typeset your ad (up to 100 words) for free!!! (Worth RM15 (S$8.7/UK£3.75/US$6)

  2. Top Position. We will place your ad in the top highest position.

  3. Free Copy. You get a 'c/r' copy of this circular for your use as your "master copy." You can use it to reprint/photocopy as many copies of this Ad Sheet as you want and distribute them worldwide so that it can generate repeat income for you.

  4. Free Print and Mail Service for 30 copies of this Ad Sheet circular at our expense for you to generate sales for you. This free service will cost you about RM25.00 UK£6.50/US$8.33) if you were to do it yourself! It is yours absolutely free as a bonus!

  5. Commission Income. Anyone who places an ad in this circular as a result of your efforts will earn you a commission of RM9 (S$5.20/UK£2.25/US$3). We will pay you this amount and then move your ad to the next position. You receive this money for every sale generated by your circular.

  6. Referral Income #1. You will receive a referral income of RM3 (US$1) for every sale of this program by your customers.

  7. Referral Income #2. You will also receive a further RM3 (US$1) for every sale made by your customer's customers.

  8. Free Advertising. As your ad moves down the page of this circular, thousands of people will see your ad. This is continuous powerful free advertising for you!

  9. Free Mailing List of 30 names taken from our computer database. These are prospects for your business who have not seen this circular. This FREE list is worth RM14.50 (S$8.4/UK£3.62/US$4.83).

  10. Self-Publishing Benefits. You will also receive two Mail Order Reports/Manuals with full reprint rights. Choose two from the ones listed below. Underline your choices. You can sell them as many times as you like and keep all the profits yourself! (Worth RM25 (S$14.50/UK£6.25/US$8.33)!

#3701 - How to make big profits in Mail Order, from scratch.

#3702 - Make any multi-level program into a million dollars.

#3703 - How and where to advertise any product or business.

#3704 - How to get big dollars from your Mail Order Ad Sheet.

#3705 - How to have a successful circular mailer business.

#3706 - How to write a folio from information that you know.

#3707 - How to start and operate your own Big Mail service.

#3708 - How to write order-pulling ads for your business.

#3601 - The beginner's opportunity guide to Mail Order.

#3602 - The easiest, most profitable Mail Order business.

#3603 - How to get big dollars in your mailbox - everyday!

#3620 - The selling secrets of million dollar sales letters.

#3621 - How to start & operate your own correspondence club.

#3613 - How to make big money fast, renting mailing lists.

#3502 - Secrets to successfully starting your own business.

#3407 - The lazy person's secrets to overnight wealth and fame.

#3409 - Secrets of getting free advertising for your product.

#3618 - The obscure secrets of success with chain letters.

#3608 - Big Mails: An easy beginning to a Mail Order future.

#3403 - The legalities & tax advantages in a home business

#3408 - How to achieve excellence in sales (Salesmanship)

#3424 - How to make money with average bumper stickers

#3425 - Camera profits: Using your camera for extra money.

#3322 - How to make $5,000 a month or more with garage sales

... plus 58 more reports/manuals. Get FREE reports/manuals with reprint rights when you advertise again!


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Mail your order today with payment to:-


W.D.T. No. 39

Lot 20 Batu 20 Jalan Ipoh

48000 Rawang, Selangor


[    ] I enclose a copy of my advertisement with payment of RM57.00 (US$15.00) in Postal Orders/Money Order/Bank Draft. Please run my ad and send to me all bonuses/benefits within 7 days.


Your Name:


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Birth date:


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(    ) Send BONUS Free Sub-Dealership and Reports/Manuals #_______________________________________________________.






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HOME MAILING PROGRAM. We pay you RM0.50 for each envelope you mail it. For complete program, send RM28.00 or US$2.00 for details to: K. NATHAN, 24-26 Jln K2, Taman Intan Skudai Kiri, 81200 Tampoi, Johor, Malaysia.


FAST MONTHLY INCOME!! Solve all your money problems forever. Send 2 LSASE, US$ (cash) & this ad to: SUNNIE, 281-C, Main Road, New Village, 47000 Sungai Buluh, Malaysia.


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HOT MAILING LISTS. Fresh and hot mailing lists of proven mail order BUYERS and opportunity seekers in Malaysia, S'pore, worldwide. Computerised self-adhesive labels. Updated weekly. Free details. Excellent results, write to: rainbowpub2000@yahoo.com


200 MONEY-MAKING REPORTS YOU CAN REPRINT AND SELL. The hottest money-making REPORTS. Over 200 titles. Unlimited Reprint Rights/Translation Rights. An exceptional collection of reports and guides on business, success, mail order, money-making, self-improvement. Available in printed form and diskette. Only US$30 introduction offer. Bargain value! Write to: florenastevens@yahoo.com


FRIENDSHIP. Seeking friends who are free thinkers, rebellious, cool, wild, even anti-social. Any age/sex/religion. Individualists who don't obey/follow anyone blindly. Anyone who's truly open-minded, truly themselves, truly non-judgemental may write to me. Replies assured. robertcages@yahoo.com


OPPORTUNITY. Incredible Moneymaking Plan. $500 monthly. Work part or full time. Need no experience. For free details, write to: Toh, Ang Mo Kio Central, P.O. Box 557, Singapore 9156.


A Super New Report. The Postal Savings Guide. New report contains important information on how you can manage this major mail order expense category to keep all your postal expenses at a minimum, and other useful tips that you should know. This report is a must for all mail order operators. For details, write to Karen, 2 Willow Avenue, Singapore 1334.


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PRINT AND MAIL SERVICE. We distribute your circulars and catalogs to proven mail order buyers and opportunity seekers. Now you can make use of our highly responsive in-house mailing lists. Send us your circulars or we will print and mail for you. Extremely reasonable costs for printing, photocopying, and mailing. Write to Maju Jaya Bhd., Locked Bag 209, 48200 Serendah, Malaysia.


HOTLINE MAILING LIST. Item #List A. This is a list of 3,000 freshest and hottest mail order buyers names. Everyone in this in-house list has bought by mail. An expanding list updated daily. Excellent for all opportunities. To RENT ‘#List A’ once, send RM60 (US$24) per 84 names. If you want to BUY and own the names, send RM120 (US$48) for 60 names. Send your order to johnnybeet@yahoo.com


TOP MAILING LIST. Item #List B. This is a mixed list of 10,000 buyers and opportunity seekers. Each name has responded to a mail order, direct mailing, MLM or opportunity ad. To RENT our ‘#List B’ once, send RM60 (US$24) for 108 names. To BUY and own the names in this List permanently, send RM120/US$48 for 120 names. Send your order to Maju Jaya Bhd., Peti Surat No. 209, 48200 Serendah , Malaysia.


TYPESETTING BY MAIL. A computer typesetting service for individuals and small businesses. We typeset circulars, catalogs, letters, letterheads, forms, brochures and books. Price: 1" Col.. Ad. (Max. 40 words) - RM30.40 (US$8.00) postpaid; 2" Col.. Ad (max. 75 words) - RM19.00 (US$5); Letterhead - RM25 (US$10); A4 size catalog - up to 350 words - RM50 (US$20); from 351 to 600 words - RM65 (US$26); from 601 to 900 words - RM85 (US$34). Prices include design/artwork and 2 Laser c/r copies for you. Send your order to Maju Jaya Bhd., Peti Surat No. 209, 48200 Serendah , Malaysia.


Are you unsuccessful? Unhappy? Confused? Sick? Lazy? Share your problem. We can help you to solve it even when you or others have failed. You need not be poor, sad, frustrated, sickly or lazy again!

Through spiritual and metaphysical mind power methods, we shall solve your problems for you. Spiritually and metaphysically energizing techniques will be performed secretly on your behalf over a period of 30 days or more. No one will know about it. No inconvenience to you. Your problem is safe with us. We provide this service at nominal cost because it is a part of our life work. This is not a religious or black magic service.

No sect, organization or cult to join. This is a non-sectarian service to help individuals become the best they can be and live life the way they choose. No other payment needed. Nothing else to do. No preconceptions.

Amazing results can happen. You can: - Banish an illness - Win respect - Protect against bad luck - Get rid of an unwanted person - Improved your memory - Pass your exams - Become more attractive - your life partner - Win in gambling - Improve your self-confidence - Gain material wealth - Get the job you want - Overcome depression. You can achieve your goals and desires. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too good to happen for you.

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Order this service of age-old formulas for yourself or loved ones. It will be the best spent money of your life.

To order for this special service, you must be clear and specific about your problem. Send: (1) Your full name, address, birth date, birth time, (2) full details of your problem in your own handwriting, (3) your photo. All information is kept confidential.

Order today. Limited time only. Price: Only RM57.00 (US$15.00) postpaid for each specific problem. For two problems, send RM114.00 (US$30). A personalized Special Report is given to guide you. Item #A1008........................RM57.00 (US$15.00) postpaid. Send your order to Maju Jaya Bhd., Peti Surat No. 209, 48200 Serendah , Malaysia.


Publisher reserves the right to reject, edit or cancel any advertising without any explanation notwithstanding that payment has been accepted. Publisher will not knowingly accept any fraudulent or questionable advertising including those dealing with sex, smut or chain letter schemes. Publisher is not liable for any claims, actions, losses or costs incurred in respect of any advertisements published or any dealings with the advertisers. Readers using any information here do so at their own risk. Publisher’s liability for any error is strictly limited to amount paid for advertising.

Please read the How To Order INSTRUCTIONS before ordering. Orders to all countries are shipped by regular surface mail. Before ordering, please send an email to "e.verb@yahoo.com" or telephone (Malaysia) 017-5231484 / or SMS to (Malaysia) 017-5231484 / WHATSAPP +60178705831 //to confirm prices, shipping, delivery, bonuses, payment and availability. Thank you.

Orders for books and similarly heavy items to all countries are shipped by 3rd or 4th class surface mail. Lighter items such as CDs and DVDs are sent by Air Mail. In some cases, shipping may be higher due to the heavier weight of the books or items. In case of doubt, please write, phone, or e-mail to us. NOTE: Any overpayment in shipping is refunded, cheerfully, as a matter of routine.

INTERNATIONAL AIR MAIL: If you want delivery by fast priority international Air Mail, please enclose additional payment. (1) For Air Mail to Asia-Pacific countries, please add at least US$7.00 for Air Mail. (2) For Air Mail to Europe, Middle East and Russia, please add at least US$8.00 for Air Mail. (3) For Air Mail to North America, Central, and South America, Africa, add at least US$9.00 for Air Mail. In some cases, the Air Mail charges may be higher than the ones sated here due to the heavier weight of the items, postal surcharges.


"We all have our fair share of problems to contend with daily. Some are ordinary while others are exciting. Some are run-of-the-mill while others are menacing."


- Van Gogh






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• Minyak Sakti


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• Laman Web

• Bisnes Internet

• Lesen Hak Cipta

• Komisen dan Bonus

• Jadual Komisen



Semua Tangkal-Azimat diisikan dengan Hikmat Ayat untuk menolong menyelesaikan masalah anda. Dibuat KHAS untuk anda dengan Kuasa Minda dan ditahbiskan, diprogramkan, diuntukkan oleh Tuan Guru Mohammad Putra mengikut maklumat dalam surat/pesanan anda.

Tok adalah ahli batin yang berjaya, ahli fikir agung, pengarang beratus-ratus buku.'Walaupun masyhur, kehidupannya sentiasa sederhana seperti kanak-kanak. Sebagai seorang berwawasan, keinginannya ialah supaya kaum manusia hidup bahagia.

Untuk memesan, ikut arahan berikut:

1) sila hantar sekeping kertas/surat/borang pesanan dengan maklumat berikut:- nama anda, alamat penuh, tarikh lahir, no. telefon bimbit, hajat/tujuan anda, pekerjaan anda - untuk membolehkan Tuan Guru menyediakan hadiah Ilmu Al-Hikmah, Batu Hikmah, Pendinding Diri, Ayat Pengasih, Tangkal/Azimat/Batu/ Cincin/Loket/Rantai/ Uncang/Minyak/Ibu Duit/Ibu Dinar/Ibu Rezeki/dll - KHAS untuk anda.

2) Poskan pesanan anda dan 'Slip Bank'/'Wang Pos' (berpalang) dibuat atas nama EVERB kepada:

W.D.T. No. 39,
Lot 20 Bt 20 Jln Ipoh,
48000 Rawang, Selangor,

Semua buku, barang dan hadiah dijamin ada.

Jangan hantar Wang Pos yang kosong.

Jangan guna pos biasa.

Hantar dengan POS EKSPRES (hanya RM2.50)

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