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It is not an accident of nature that everything has a color of its own. A thing is only as good and healthy as its color. When it loses its color, it must suffer ill luck, failure, accident, illness or death. This applies to all things, people, animals and places.

This amazing book by VAN GOGH shows you how colors can affect people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Learn how to use the natural power of colors to improve your health, promote healing, bring good luck, increase productivity, attract love and success. Learn also to analyze personality and check for compatibility - between friends, food, and things.

Modern life is filled with so much stress and tension that staying healthy is a constant challenge for working people. Are you anxious about your health? You needn't be. The world is a colorful place and your body is colorfully self-healing.

Color Power can be used by anyone to bring about dramatic changes to his life. You don't have to practice for months to see results. No mystical rites or rituals are involved. Colors can change your life within moments of applying them. Occult visualization techniques depend on color power. 

Transmit the healing energies associated with each color and improve your health or that of a loved one. Health is wealth and using the natural powers of colors for healing is living in harmony with the cosmic process.

Everyone has latent psychic abilities for healing and wealth building. This book can help you to develop, cultivate and promote your latent abilities.

Through the power of color, you can influence people and events to bring positive results into your life. Color your life. Paint the world black, red or green. This is your life - make it colorful or gray. The choice is yours.

People have an instinctive feeling for colors. Hunches about whether a certain color is good or bad for you reflects our natural bonding with the colors of the universe.


Colors have been an integral part of Man's life since the beginning of time. Primitive people in their struggle for survival were aware of the significance of colors in the hostile environment. They develop a keen sense of vision to help them in their hunting and the gathering of food, and to differentiate between friend and foe, food and poison.

They soon learnt that colors allow them to express their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concepts in drawing, things which could not be adequately conveyed or communicated in pictorial form.

In time to come, experience taught them that certain colors have specific uses and meanings. Black was the color of the night and became associated with danger, death, cold and evil spirits. White, since it appears as sunlight, was considered a good color and a sign of purity.
Red, orange and yellow were the warm colors as they were associated with sunlight, fire and blood. They signify energy, good health, life and death.

The cool colors were blue and green because of their narcotic and soothing properties. They were associated with harmony, balance and peace. They were symbolized by the blue sky, cool water and green plants.

As the ancient people strive to learn more about life and to communicate with their environment, they began to realize that the universe was magickal in nature and their human existence was closely related to its harmony and balance.

To ward off evil influences and exercise greater control over their destiny, colors, numbers and patterns began to feature prominently in their mystical, religious and spiritual beliefs. Red, considered to be one of the most potent colors, was used to obstruct and frighten away evil spirits and attract those influences that will bring luck and success, forestall disastrous events, and promote good health. Red was also for religious sacrificial ceremonies. Some of the red items used were red clothing, red-colored food (e.g. red ducks), red rubies, bloodstones, red paper and red color charms.

Other colors used to keep away evil or adverse influences were green, blue, black and yellow. Green objects such as green jades, emeralds, and green plants were used to promote fertility and favorable weather while yellow ones (e.g. yellow flowers, herbs, honey, gold and robes) were said to generate happy times and prosperity. The Buddhist and several other religious groups consider yellow to be the color of wisdom and hence they are clad in yellow robes.

Black items such as charcoal, fur, clothes, plants and precious stones, were used in sacrificial and appeasement rites to chase away evil and negative influences and to fight against death. Black clothes are used in funeral rites. Many occult groups are dressed in black robes.

White (e.g. diamond, clothes, plants) was considered a religious color and capable of providing protection against evil.

Blue in the form of clothing, flowers and sapphires was used by healers and magician as part of their spiritual and magical rituals to promote virtues such as honesty, faith and obedience to their subjects. Purple was similarly used in such mystical practices in addition to promoting sleep and dreams.

Although colors were used initially for religious and mystical ventures, their users (especially the priests who doubled as healers) soon discovered the healing powers. Today color healing or chromotherapy has become a distinct form of natural therapy.

In addition to the use of clothing, charms and fetishes of certain colors, color therapy also involves the consumption of color foods and drinks, and the absorption of colors through a variety of methods.

Every culture or society has its own color preferences in line with its basic philosophy or religion. Consequently, the major religions of the world use different colors to symbolize their beliefs. In Buddhism and Taoism, the dominant color is yellow - from the robes of the priests to the decor of the temples. The primary colors of Christianity are blue and green while that of Judaism is blue. The use of colors is these religions ranges from the color of the robes to the decor of the place of worship, and from the religious rites to the mind-training programs.

In the major cultures, there is also a predominance of a particular color identified with the ethnic groups in the system from the color and design of buildings to the clothing worn by the masses.

Today, although people are generally less superstitious and fearful of their mystical surroundings, colors, numbers and patterns are still some of the few things that are intuitively considered before important decisions are made in any area of our life. The fact is that colors remain little understood more than during the ancient times.


Scientists do not know where colors come from. Since ancient times, however, occultists and mystics have believed that colors come from the seven planets in our solar system. Each of the planet is associated with a certain mineral which gives it its distinct color.

The colors that we perceive are actually planetary rays bombarded at our planet Earth day and night throughout the year. Consequently, everything has a color and depends on the right balance of colors for its well-being.

It is not an accident of nature that everything - planets, animals, food, objects, etc. - appear to have a color of its own. We must know how to tune in to these colors to satisfy our energy requirements. Colors can be the vehicle to bring balance and harmonize to your life within the natural pattern.

The use of colors to restore the body's organs to good health is known as color therapy or chromotherapy. For thousands of years, this has been practiced by the Greek, Egyptian, Chinese and Indian esotericists and connected with metaphysical and spiritual systems. In India, for example, color therapy is an important part of the Ayurvedic system of medicine whose metaphysical concepts are a way of life there. The Chinese divide food into Yin and Yang or warm and cool foods on the basis of colors also.
Colors can affect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone has his favorite colors in response to his emotion. We select our clothes, home, and environment on the basis of colors. Today, colors are widely used in offices, banks, institutions, hospital, schools, factories and all kinds of places to generate the desired stimulation in the minds of the people there.

Colors are an integral part of Astrology. Each of the seven planets in our solar system is associated with a certain color because of the dominant mineral content in it. For example, the planetary color of Mars is red because it has dominance over the metal iron - the element that gives your blood its red color. To enhance your character and personality, you should "tune in" to the colors of your ruling planet and its Ascendant Sign. You can do this by wearing the appropriate color clothes, jewelry or stones, or eating the right color food, or be exposed to the right color or environment, or think on the same wavelength as your psychological energies.


The exercise in this chapter is designed to give you total internal fitness while satisfying your body's color needs. The term vital energy or life energy refers to the intake of cosmic energy in the form of air during inhalation.

Everyone responds emotionally to colors, often spontaneously and naturally. You have your favorite colors. Accordingly, your color preferences can reveal or tell a great deal about the real you and your personality, especially that which is hidden from the rest of the world, or the stranger in you.

Your color preferences may change from time to time, depending on your mood and the situation. They may differ substantially between childhood and adulthood to indicate your level of maturity and growth as an individual.


A Copyright License giving you the legal right to reprint and sell this fine book in your state is available for an additional US$12,000. 

A Translation License is also available for US$12,000. Details with order.


Everything you need to know on how to use colors to attract wealth, love and success. You can color yourself to success or failure. The choice is yours. Color Power can help to take better control of your life and allow you to be master of your destiny. Life is all about colors. Are you ready to color yourself for success, love and happiness?

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